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I dedicate my heart and expertise as an end-of-life doula to provide compassionate volunteer support for individuals and families during life's most tender moments. 

Through advocacy, education and planning.

My services are offered at no cost, ensuring accessible, caring guidance for those embarking on this significant journey.

Support Through End of Life

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Extended periods of support in the home offering light housework, meal prep, emotional and spiritual support. This can be a time of respite for caregivers, allowing them to rest while I step in to sit with the patient.

In Home Support & Companionship

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Summing Up & Planning

Summing up and Planning can start anytime in a person’s journey. This is a time when legacy work can begin. As a doula, I can help you to explore meaning at end of life through life review, and provide guidance and encouragement as you engage with our life and address any unfinished business. I can also help you to create a legacy project. A legacy project provides an opportunity for you to leave behind something that is meaningful for your loved ones. Examples of legacy projects could include written letters, photo collages, a written memoir or documenting memoir through film. We can also work together to establish a vigil plan. The vigil plan may include specific ideas on space, the nature of interactions, and the atmosphere. I can help to facilitate funeral/celebration of life planning, if desired.

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Vigil Planning

This is the time in the dying person’s process when the person is unresponsive and no longer able to engage with their surroundings. As a doula, I can provide support for you, the client, through sitting bedside and providing presence while bearing witness to your life and final breaths and ensuring that the vigil plan we created together is carried out. I can provide you, the family, with education on the dying process in real time, emotional support, and time to rest. If rituals are part of the vigil plan, I can facilitate/participate as requested by the family. Rituals can take place both during vigil and after death and may include things that are significant to the dying person’s beliefs or culture, which can be very meaningful for you, the loved ones.

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Compassionate bereavement support for family & loved ones, before and after death.

Death reprocessing and support is offered as an opportunity to share, reflect, and process through the retelling of the story. Grief resources beyond my scope available upon request.

Early Grief & Reprocessing

Together, we can navigate this sacred passage with grace, dignity, and the reassurance that you are never alone.

If you or your loved ones are seeking a caring and experienced companion for the end-of-life journey, I am here for you.

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Feel valued, heard, and supported every step of the way. 

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