To get in touch with me, please use the contact information provided below. Whether you have questions or would like to schedule a free 30 minute consultation, I am here to listen and offer guidance. Your thoughts and feelings matter, and I am committed to providing a safe and compassionate space for you to express yourself openly.

Thank you for considering my services as your end-of-life doula. I understand that reaching out during this delicate time can be challenging, and I commend your courage in taking this first step. Please know that your well-being and comfort are my utmost priorities, and I am here to support you every step of the way.

The real journey is just beginning. 






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Thank you once again for considering me as your end-of-life doula. I am honored to have the opportunity to walk alongside you on this transformative journey. May you find comfort, solace, and peace as we embark on this meaningful path together. I will reach out to you as soon as possible.

With warmth and compassion,
Laurie Jorgenson

I understand the sensitivity of the topics we may discuss, and I want to assure you that our communication will be held in strict confidence. Trust is the cornerstone of our relationship, and I am dedicated to creating a space where you feel heard, understood, and respected.

If you prefer to send a message directly through the website, please utilize the contact form below. Rest assured that your personal information will be handled with the utmost care and confidentiality.

Schedule Your Free 30 Minute Phone Consultation

You can consult me anytime during the end-of-life process, but the earlier in the process we can start having conversations, the more beneficial my service will be to you. That being said, I meet you wherever you’re at in your journey. It’s never too late to connect with me.

When is the right time to consult an end-of-life doula?

Yes! Hospice is medical care that provides symptom and pain management. Doula care is non-medical support that includes extended periods of presence that hospice oftentimes cannot provide. Doulas are part of the care team and work alongside the medical team to provide comfort and support to patients and their families. WE LOVE HOSPICE, WE LOVE DOULAS! There is room for all support at end of life.

Can I be on hospice and have an end-of-life doula at the same time?

 I believe I was created for this work. I’m highly empathic and intuitive, I’m a helper by nature, and I love to love on people. I bring calm into the storm. 

Why did you choose to be an end of life doula?

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to providing emotional, spiritual and physical support at end of life, I’m able to provide extended periods of presence in the home. While hospice is a wonderful and needed service, the hospice team is limited on how much time they’re able to spend in the home- on average 1 hour three times a week. I’m even able to be present during vigiling through last breaths if that’s what the family desires. My services and support vary from client to client, family to family, depending on their needs.

Why would I want to hire an end-of-life doula?