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Beyond Seasons

I am thrilled to announce that our blog is just around the corner, where I will have the opportunity to share heartfelt stories, insights, and wisdom about the profound journey through life’s final chapter. In this sacred space, I will dive deep into the realms of end-of-life care, providing a compassionate and comforting presence through […]

July 5, 2023

Blog Coming Soon: Embracing Life’s Final Chapter

- Jan

“Most of us know very little about the process of dying, and it is such a personal, private, experience when we and our loved ones are at our most vulnerable. Laurie is both a trustworthy guide and welcome companion on that final journey. As a trustworthy guide, she understands the physical process of active dying, and uses facts that can help dissolve many misconceptions and fears. As a welcome companion, her quiet confidence and calming presence allow her to connect with people easily. I know her to be a compassionate, empathetic, and insightful listener. She ably integrates the logistics of having the right resources, end of life planning documents, and helpful supplies with the understanding and support for the emotional ups and downs of her clients, those with and without loved ones to walk beside them through the final days. She is not overwhelmed by death, or the urgent questions and conversations with the dying. There are very few people I would trust to be with me at that most vulnerable time – Laurie is one of them.”

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